Banakhevych Nataliia Volodymyrivna - Head of Chemotherapy Department № 1, the superior category cancer surgeonBanakhevych Nataliia Volodymyrivna - Head of Chemotherapy Department № 1, the superior category cancer surgeonChemotherapy today is one of the main methods of treatment along with surgical and radiological once. And for a number of diseases chemotherapy can be used as an independent method of treatment.

The discovery and introduction of new cytotoxic agents into clinical practice, as well as the rapid development of targeted supportive therapy enabled the improvement of oncological care, as well as to reduce or completely avoid the side effects of treatment.

The first 20 beds for the Department of Chemotherapy in Kiev were opened on the basis of the Department of urology of the Kyiv City Oncology Dispensary (9, Striletskyi bystreet) in December 1979.

In November 1990, the Kyiv City Oncology Center was opened (69, Verkhovynnaya St.), on the basis of which a separate Department of Chemotherapy for 40 beds (the 5th floor of the clinical building) was formed.

To date, the Department of Chemotherapy consists of 45 beds, 20 of which are beds for the patient’s daytime stay.

The head of the department is a physician- chemotherapist of the superior expert category Natalia Volodymyrivna Banachevych.

The department staff consists of 4 doctors (three of them have the highest qualification category and one doctor has the second qualification category), 13 nurses and 13 medical orderlies.

The department treats patients with various localizations of the oncological process and patients with systemic pathology. Both radical (neoadjuvant, additive) and palliative treatment are carried out. Immuno- and hormone therapy is also performed.

Students and residents of the oncology department of P.L.Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education do an internship on the basis of the Department of Chemotherapy.

The Department of Chemotherapy, like the entire center, is the base for international multicentric clinical research. Doctors of our department are actively involved in such studies. It is planned to participate in similar studies in the future.

Doctors of the department annually take part in scientific and practical conferences, both Ukrainian and international. N.V. Banakhevych is a full member of the ESMO. Ðe annually participates in European congresses on oncology. Three editions of the reference books on chemotherapy were published co-authored by N.V. Banakhevych. Banakhevych Nataliia Volodymyrivna Head of Chemotherapy Department № 1, the superior category cancer surgeon


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