Anikusko Mykola Fedorovych - Surgery Head, the superior category cancer surgeonAnikusko Mykola Fedorovych - Surgery Head, the superior category cancer surgeonThe department of surgery of Kyiv City Clinical Oncology Center (KCCOC) was created as a department of the Kyiv City Oncology Dispensary in accordance with Order No 36 of the Kyiv City Health Department of 08.05.1974.

In 1948–1949, in-patient assistance to cancer patients was provided in the department of oncology of the First Soviet Hospital (60 beds) and the department of oncology of the Central City Clinical Hospital named after October Revolution (40 beds). In 1950, the oncology service of the city was delivered by a union of oncological dispensaries consisting of an outpatient department, a network of 18 onco-points at district clinics, oncosurgery and oncourology departments. The Oncosurgical Clinic of the Kiev Institute for the Development of Physicians and Oncourologic Clinic of the Kiev X-ray Radiology and Cancer Institute functioned on the basis of the abovementioned hospitals. In addition, beds in other Kyiv hospitals were allocated at the disposal of KCOD.

In 1952, the Kyiv City Oncology Dispensary moved to 9, Georgievskyi bystreet. The department of surgery was part of the oncology clinic since its foundation. Since 1974 the department of surgery has become the clinical base of the Department of Oncology of the Bogomolets National Medical University.

In 1995, the reform of surgical services with the establishment of the department of abdominal surgery and the department of surgery took place.

The department of surgery carries out surgical and complex treatment of patients with breast cancer, head and neck, malignant tumors of the skin and soft tissues. The entire spectrum of surgical interventions is performed in the department. Priority direction is organ-preservation procedures. Year 2003 became a starting point in the development of oncoplastic interventions for tumors of the mammary gland, head and neck and since 2004 reconstructive-restorative surgeries have been carried out.

The department of surgery serves as a mammological center of the city and the center for the diagnosis and treatment of melanoma.

The department cooperates with leading clinics in the USA, Germany, Italy.

The department of surgery has 60 beds. The department consists of 6 doctors, 19 nurses and 16 assistant nurses.


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