Karatunova Olena Mykolayivna - Head of the X-ray Diagnostics, the superior category radiologist, the superior category ultrasonic diagnostics doctorKaratunova Olena Mykolayivna - Head of the X-ray Diagnostics, the superior category radiologist, the superior category ultrasonic diagnostics doctorThe Department of X-ray Diagnostics takes the leading place in the diagnostic and treatment activities of Kyiv City Clinical Oncology Center. The department was established in 2005 on the basis of the X-ray diagnostic department, the department of ultrasound research, the office of X-ray computer tomography for the purpose of improving the medicaldiagnostic process, rational use of modern diagnostic equipment and optimization of specialists work of diagnostic units.

Since 2008 the department has been headed by a radiotherapist and ultrasonographer of the superior expert category Olena Mykolaivna Karatunova. The Department of X-ray Diagnostics is the only one in Kyiv and Ukraine, which consists of doctors who are capable of all methods of X-ray diagnostics, including invasive (conducting medical diagnostic procedures under ultrasound control, MMG, SCT). The department has 11 specialists of X-ray diagnostics, three of them have been assigned the superior expert category, four – second category, three of them are young specialists. In 2007 two radiologists received international certificates on Nuclear Medicine (PET/CT in oncology). Doctors of the department gradually improve the level of qualification in the NMAPE named after P.L. Shupyk and take part in international conferences and symposiums: “School of Modern Motherhood”, PET/CT, ultrasound.

The Department of X-ray Diagnostics provides the examination of 9 in-patient departments, department of palliative care, 1 day-time in-patient department and advisory clinic.

Every year about 34,000 patients are examined in the department and up to 61,000 studies are performed.

The department is equipped with modern diagnostic equipment of leading world manufacturers. The department carries out ultrasound examinations including dopplerography of all organs and systems, X-ray methods of investigation including mammography and special research methods. The technique of conducting TAB and trepane-biopsy of organs and tumors for diagnose verification was introduced.

Doctors of the Department take part in the work of the standing Committee of the Department of Public Health on the preventive survey of the population of Kyiv. They conduct an expert evaluation of the X-ray examination of patients sent from the LPU, collaborate with the Department of Radiology in the NMAPE named after P.L.Shupyk, provide advisory assistance in the examination of patients from hospitals in Kiev, other regions of Ukraine and with referrals from private medical firms. Intern doctors and students of Bogomolets NMU are trained on the basis of the Department of X-ray Diagnostics.

Improvement of the technical basis and the continuous implementation of modern methods of diagnosis are the main priorities and future perspectives in work of the Department.


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