Voitko Nataliia Leontiivna - Head of Chemotherapy Department № 2, the superior category cancer surgeonVoitko Nataliia Leontiivna - Head of Chemotherapy Department № 2, the superior category cancer surgeonDepartment of Chemotherapy № 2 was established on December 1, 2012 and it is an independent structural unit of Kyiv City Clinical Oncology Center. The department is designed for 45 beds: 25 beds for 24- hour patients and 20 beds for day-time stay patients.

A special feature of the department is the possibility of carrying out treatment (depending on the patient’s general condition, the necessary treatment regimen and patient’s wishes) both in the conditions of round-the-clock monitoring of the patient and the regime of day-time stay of the patient in the hospital.

The department employs 3 doctors, 6 nurses, and 8 assistant nurses.

The department is headed by the doctoroncologist of the superior expert category, member of the European Society of Medical Oncologists Voytko Natalia Leontiivna.

A doctor-oncologist of the superior expert category Ph.D., candidate of medical sciences Novak Olena Evgeniivna and oncologist-physician Fedchenko Natalia Petrovna work in the Department of Chemotherapy № 2.

The main tasks of the Department of Chemotherapy № 2:

1. Consultative and therapeutic care for patients with malignant neoplasm in accordance with the indications and in accordance with the standards of diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients.
2. Evaluation of the effectiveness of chemotherapy treatment.
3. Methodological support and monitoring of chemotherapy in other departments of the center.
4. Performing small surgical interventions: pleural punctures, paracentesis, other manipulations.
5. Prevention and treatment of complications arising during chemotherapy.
6. Organizational and methodological guidance for the use of chemotherapy for malignant tumors in the city’s inpatientpreventive institutions.
7. Systematic increase of the professional level of oncologists on problems against tumor therapy.

The experience of the department’s medical personnel allows not only for treatment according to standard conventional treatment regimens, but also for the conduct of international multicenter, randomized clinical trials of new medications approved by the State Expert Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.


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