Cytological laboratory

The centralized cytological laboratory (CTL) was organized on the basis of the Kyiv City Oncology Center in 1978. At that time 3 laboratory technicians, 6 assistant medical assistants and 2 younger nurses worked in the… Read more...

Bacteriological laboratory

The work of a multidisciplinary hospital in modern conditions is impossible without the existence of a bacteriological laboratory, as it takes part in improving the medical care of patients with purulent surgical diseases, as well… Read more...

Immunologic laboratory

Immunological research is an important component in the comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of oncological diseases. Present-day developments in immunology have led to the discovery of cancer markers without which it is difficult to imagine contemporary… Read more...

Clinical diagnostic laboratory

The Clinical diagnostic laboratory was organized as a structural subdivision of the Kyiv City Oncology Center in 1947. The first employees and organizers of the laboratory were the head Pecherer Nora Yosypivna and laboratory assistant… Read more...


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