Zavertylenko Sergii Petrovych - Head of the Thoracic Department, the superior category cancer surgeonZavertylenko Sergii Petrovych - Head of the Thoracic Department, the superior category cancer surgeonA department of thoracic surgery was created in the structure of the Kyiv City Oncology Dispensary on the initiative of the Chief Physician Petrî Ivanovych Oliynychenko on 11.11.1975. In 1990 the dispensary was reorganized into the Kyiv City Oncology Center and the department of thoracic surgery became a part of it. At different times the department was headed by talented surgeons-oncologists: À.V. Evtushenko, V.D. Bezverkhy, V.D. Zakharychev, V.I. Nochka, A.V. Ganul, A.N. Kozachuk. Since 2006 the department has been headed by Sergiy Petrovych Zavertylenko.

The Department of Thoracic Surgery has 30 beds. The department is focused on surgical, combined and complex treatment of patients with malignant lung tumors, pleura, mediastinum, proximal parts of the gastrointestinal tract.

The academic departments of oncology of P.L.Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, (professor S.D. Myasoedov, head of the department), the Bogomolets National Medical University (Dr. med. R.I. Vereshchak, head of the department) and the deparment of military surgery of the Ukrainian Military Medical Academy (prof., MD Ya. L. Zarutskyi, head of the chair) are working on the basis of the department.

The department staff takes an active part in scientific and practical events both in Ukraine and abroad, are members of international scientific societies.

Of 9 doctors working in the department, 2 have a doctorate in medical sciences, 1 is a candidate of medical sciences, 5 doctors of the highest qualification category, and doctors of the first and second categories.

Since day one, about 20,000 patients with malignant and precancerous diseases were treated and more than 6,000 surgical interventions were performed in the department of thoracic surgery. Approximately 1,000 patients receive medical care here annually.

Specialists of the department widely use modern high-tech surgical interventions on the organs of the thoracic and abdominal cavity, mediastinum in the treatment of patients:

• cervical mediastinoscopy with biopsy

• video-assisted thoracoscopy

• bronchoplastic operations

• transthoracic thick needle biopsy of the neoformations in the lungs and mediastinum

• surgery for cancer of the esophagus and stomach, including plastic one

• stenting of the esophagus and bronchi


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