Denysenko Tetiana Ivanivna - Head of the Bacteriology Laboratory, bacteriologistDenysenko Tetiana Ivanivna - Head of the Bacteriology Laboratory, bacteriologistThe work of a multidisciplinary hospital in modern conditions is impossible without the existence of a bacteriological laboratory, as it takes part in improving the medical care of patients with purulent surgical diseases, as well as in strengthening measures in the fight against nosocomial infections.

Since the foundation of Kyiv City Oncology Hospital (1990), the bacteriological laboratory was part of a clinical diagnostic laboratory. Since 2004, the laboratory has been working as an independent unit of the center.

Since the establishment of bacteriological laboratory there have been two managers: L.P. Molochenko and R.Ja.Taranjuk. At present the duties of the head of the laboratory are performed by the bacteriologist of the highest qualification category T.I. Denisenko. In 2004 the position of senior medical assistant, a laboratory assistant, was opened and a fellow medical assistant – a laboratory assistant of the highest qualification category – Bondarenko Julia Vasylivna was employed.

The bacteriological laboratory controls the sanitary-epidemiological regime of the KCCOC departments, inoculates medicines used in early diagnosis of oncological diseases. It carries out bacteriological research of biological material from patients in the hospital and clinics.

For the year, about 53 thousand studies are carried out in the laboratory.

The quality of research performed by KCCOC is controlled by the Kyiv City Laboratory Center of the Ministry of Health.

The laboratory has got a 5-year permit to work with the pathogens of the III-IV groups of pathogenicity during carrying out of bacteriological and serological researches of biological materials from a person and sanitary and bacteriological analysis of objects of an environment. The permit was issued on December 07, 2012 by the Kyiv City State Regiment Commission.

The bacteriological laboratory is certified to measure the indicators of the objects according to the certification field. Certificate of attestation was issued on December 31, 2015 by the State Enterprise of the All-Ukrainian State Research and Production Center for Standardization, Metrology, Certification of Consumer Rights Protection (Ukrmetrteststandart).

Currently, the laboratory has one doctorbacteriologist, two bacteriologists, three physician assistants, and two assistant nurses. Interns do practical training in the laboratory after graduating from internship in bacteriology from the National Medical University.

The staff of the laboratory interacts with specialists of other units of the Center on bacteriological diagnosis of diseases, interpretation of the results of bacteriological studies.

The laboratory provides research for scientific works conducted in KCCOC.

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