Diatel Mykhailo Vitaliiovych - Pathology Head, the superior category pathologistDiatel Mykhailo Vitaliiovych - Pathology Head, the superior category pathologistThe department was formed as a structural unit at the opening of Kiev Oncology Clinic (now – Kyiv City Clinical Oncology Center). For a long time the department was headed by Sarah Samoilovna Malgraham. Since 1992, the department has employed Lyubov Mikhailovna Zakhartseva, postdoctoral degree in medicine, who headed the department from 1999 to 2016. Since 2016 the department has been headed by a doctor of the superior expert category Dyatel Myhailo Vitaliyovych.

The overwhelming majority of doctors of the department have the highest qualification category in the field of “Pathological anatomy”. They have repeatedly done internship at the National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after P.L. Shupyk, university clinics and pathologist laboratories in Europe and the USA. The employees of the department are active participants of the European and International congresses of pathologists and oncologists, part of the consultative and expert groups on the development and implementation of clinical guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer at the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, members of editorial boards of medical journals. The Department of Pathology provides a great deal of scientific work, the results of which have been presented at the European Congress on Breast Cancer, the European Congress of Pathologists, on numerous occasions.

Laboratory departments received a higher education of a biologist-histologist, which allows them to orientate and understand the principles of conducting modern pathological and histological studies, operate with modern knowledge on oncogenesis and, therefore, facilitate the introduction of modern diagnostic techniques into the practical work of the department. That is why, the immunohistochemical method, a widespread technique that allows to increase the possibilities to determine the origin of swollen cells by the pathologoanatom and to forecast the clinical course of the disease was introduced for practical application and forecasting the treatment on the basis of the department in 1995 (for the first time in Ukraine). Today more than 130 antibodies are used in the department for immunohistochemical research and there is a strong cooperation with research institutes on the use of fluorescent hybridization in situ (FISH).

The department is equipped with modern equipment for automatic histological presentation, and dyeing of tissue samples, which allows to study annually about 70 thousand histological preparations (more than 20 thousand patients). Thanks to the automation of the processes of manufacturing the paraffin block and the histological glass, the time for obtaining a diagnosis by a doctor and a patient is significantly reduced.

Doctors of the department perform intraoperative rapid diagnosis every day to determine the “purity of the edges” for the extraction of malignant tumors, to obtain data on the presence or absence of metastatic lymph node lesions, and to advise the surgical team on further surgical intervention. The equipment of the department allows the use of microscopically controlled Mohs surgery (Mohs surgery) for the sake of a gentle, radical removal of malignant skin formation.

Most of the patients receive in-patient or out-patient care at the departments of Kyiv City Clinical Oncology Center. About 8 thousand patients from other hospitals of Ukraine annually seek help with counseling, and their number increases year by year.

The department of pathology carries out a full range of histological studies for the diagnosis and phenotyping of malignant and benign tumors, pre-tumor states and nonclinical diseases. Spheres of the scientific interests of the department employees cover all possible localization of tumor diseases.

The department is the clinical base of the Department of Pathological Anatomy № 1 of Bogomolets National Medical University, students are taught such disciplines as “Pathological Anatomy” and “Section Course".


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