Vladimirov Vitalii Oleksandrovych - Head of the Clinicodiagnostic Laboratory, the superior category clinical biochemistry laboratory-doctor, Ph. DVladimirov Vitalii Oleksandrovych - Head of the Clinicodiagnostic Laboratory, the superior category clinical biochemistry laboratory-doctor, Ph. DThe Clinical diagnostic laboratory was organized as a structural subdivision of the Kyiv City Oncology Center in 1947. The first employees and organizers of the laboratory were the head Pecherer Nora Yosypivna and laboratory assistant Kudriavtseva Taisiia Grygorievna. In 1990, together with the hospital the laboratory moved from Striletskyi bystreet 9 to a new base on Verkhovynna Street 69, where it is now located.

The laboratory provides a diagnostic laboratory examination of patients of 9 inpatient departments, 2 day-care centers and an advisory clinic. Over a year the laboratory conducts approximately 700,000 studies in more than 28,000 patients. The laboratory conducts a full detailed general analysis of blood, about 40 indicators of biochemical studies, general-clinical serology and a blood group and a Rh-factor tests. The laboratory ensures the research of scientific works in clinics of KCOH, as well as diagnostic examination of patients according to clinical trial protocols of some drugs.

The reliability of the performed results is monitored daily by control serums and standard blood samples, and twice a year the laboratory participates in the testing of the Ukrainian Reflective Center. The laboratory was accredited in 2001 and every 5 years it passes the certification for compliance of researches with accredited methods. The last time it was certified in 2016.

Hematological and biochemical studies are performed on modern automatic analyzers PENTRA-60 (hematologic) and COBAS C-311 (biochemical). Additionally, hematological blood formula is counted manually, if necessary.

Between 1947 and 2001 there were 9 managers.

Norah Yosypivna Pecherer headed the laboratory until 1976. Bekon Yakiv Naumovych was in charge in 1978–1990. Since 2001 the laboratory has been headed by the candidate of medical sciences, the doctor of the superior expert category Vitaliy Vladimirov. In 1990, the position of senior medical technologist was opened and its functions have been always performed by Borysenko Nina Leonidovna.

The clinical diagnostic laboratory employs 3 laboratory assistants, 10 medical technologists, 4 assistant nurses.

After the completion of pre-graduate internship in the laboratory diagnosis at the National Medical University the interns, as well as the medical technologists having graduated from the medical college No. 1 are undergoing practical training at the laboratory.

Over the past 25 years, laboratory staff published scientific articles, methodological guidelines, a protected patent for the method of early diagnosis of cancer.

The main direction of further development and improvement of laboratory work is the improvement of its technical basis, in particular – the acquisition of a modern analyzer for the determination of hemostasis and urine analyzer.

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