Vitkova Nadiia Lvivna - Head of the Functional Diagnostics Department, the superior category doctorVitkova Nadiia Lvivna - Head of the Functional Diagnostics Department, the superior category doctorThe Department of Functional Diagnostics of the Kyiv City Oncology Hospital began to function fully in 1994 after the appointment of the Chief Freelance Specialist of the Ministry of Health and Human Services of Kyiv, Vitkova Vira Lvivna as the Head of the Department of Functional Diagnostics. At that time the structure and equipment of the department changed. It became a modern diagnosticclinical unit, which consists of experienced doctors internists and functionalists. The head is a physician of superior expert category with a large professional experience of work in the field of functional diagnostics. There are three therapists of category I on specialty therapy, one therapist without a category, four nurses, one sister-mistress and an assistant nurse.

The structure of the department is unique, because all physicians-therapists are familiar with the methods of functional diagnostics. During the therapeutic examination, ECG is given in 12 leads. Additional examinations are carried out directly during admission to detect more profound violations in the cardiopulmonary system, for the correct defining of a concomitant diagnosis, an instrumental selection of accompanying medication therapy, which significantly reduces the time of examination at the advisory outpatient department of KCOH.

The received data is archived in hard copy and electronic media.

The Department of Functional Diagnostics of KCOH is the only one in Ukraine among practical medical establishments to be accredited by the Derzhspozhyvstandart of Ukraine.

The equipment of the unit consists of 3 modern hardware and analytical complexes with automatic decoding and syndromic diagnosis of domestic manufacturers holding international certificates of quality and recognition of foreign colleagues (in analogue mode it is possible to conduct a survey of cardiovascular, bronchialpulmonary systems, to carry out loading tests on a high professional level). Unique computer programs for the study of the functional capacity of each individual lung (separate zonal reopulmonography) have been developed and successfully applied for the needs of the Department of Thoracic Surgery. On the basis of the department, a new spirographic sensor with zero resistance to inhalation was tested and successfully used in other hospitals for pulmonary and allergic diseases in Ukraine and in the CIS countries.


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