Immunologic laboratoryImmunologic laboratoryImmunological research is an important component in the comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of oncological diseases. Present-day developments in immunology have led to the discovery of cancer markers without which it is difficult to imagine contemporary diagnosis, early detection of metastases and recurrence, control over the effectiveness of the antitumor treatment.

The Immunologic laboratory was organized as a structural subdivision of the Kyiv City Oncology Center in 1992. The founder of the laboratory was the candidate of biological sciences, the doctor-laboratory assistant of the superior expert category Oksana Dmytrivna Chernenko and the candidate of biological sciences, senior researcher Larysa Yakivna Kamenetz.

Since 1992 the laboratory has been headed by Oksana Dmytrivna Chernenko. The staff of the laboratory includes the head, 5 high-quality immunologist doctors, 8 medical technologist³, along with a senior medical technologist and 2 assistant nurses.

The laboratory provides an immunological examination of patients from 9 in-patient departments, 2 day-care centers and an advisory clinic. Over a year, about 10 thousand patients are examined on the basis of the laboratory and 30,500 immunological tests are performed, among them:

• determination of immunological status by 16 indicators; 
• definition of flap-associated markers;
• determination of thyroid hormones;
• determination of sex hormones;
• identification of antibodies to infectious diseases.

The laboratory staff also take an active part in carrying out scientific researches, which are conducted in the clinical departments of Kyiv City Clinical Oncology Center and provide laboratory examination of patients according to clinical trial protocols of medicinal products.

The result of this work is 3 scientific articles, 8 theses and methodological recommendations published over the past 5 years.

The reliability of the performed results is controlled by the Ukrainian Reference Center of clinical laboratory diagnostics. The laboratory is accredited and certified.

The Immunology Laboratory is a practical basis for students of the Faculty of Biomedical Technologies at Ukraine University.

The main directions of further development and improvement of laboratory work are improvement of its technical base and introduction of new modern methods of immunological research.


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