Koshel Kostiantyn Viktorovych - Abdominal Surgery Head, the superior category cancer surgeon, the Honored Doctor of UkraineKoshel Kostiantyn Viktorovych - Abdominal Surgery Head, the superior category cancer surgeon, the Honored Doctor of UkraineThe department of abdominal surgery has been in the structure of Kyiv City Clinical Oncology Center for around 25 years. It is always top-ranked upon annual key indicators of the organization and implementation of medical work. The head of the department is the Honored Doctor of Ukraine, surgeon-oncologist of the superior expert category Konstantyn Viktorovych Koshel. Clinic of the Department of Oncology of the P.L.Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education operates on the basis of the department. The close interaction of a qualified team of physicians-clinicians and a scientific and methodological approach makes it possible to quickly introduce into the practice of the department the latest achievements in the field of oncology surgery, as well as develop their own knowhow, which help to solve a number of complex problems facing modern oncology.

Three doctors of medical sciences, professors, candidates of medical sciences and specialists of the highest and the first qualification category on oncology surgery take part in the implementation of the medical work of the department.

The department of abdominal surgery is designed for 60 beds and provides advanced, highly skilled assistance to patients with malignant neoplasms of all organs of the abdominal cavity, retroperitoneum and patients with mammary neoplasms. The activity of the department provides for the implementation of all types of surgical interventions and the implementation of combined and comprehensive treatment of patients, as well as assistance in the system of recovery after complex operations.

All types of modern radical surgical interventions for gastric cancer are performed in the department, including reconstructive operations when the stomach cyst is affected by a relapse of the disease. In the presence of indications the methods of replacing the stomach areas with the small intestine were successfully tried out on such patients.

One of the important sections of the department’s work is carrying out reconstructive- restorative and plastic surgical interventions to recover the continuous work of the digestive tract after obstructive resection of the rectum. Doctors of the department have considerable experience of restorative surgical interventions. Modern techniques with the use of circumferential staplers and in-house developments for the formation of autotransplants to replace the regions of the rectum allows to perform a significant number, about 70%, of sphincterpreserving surgeries in the rectum. Our clinic carries out reconstructive operations to patients operated earlier in our department, as well as to patients who have undergone surgical intervention with the removal of colostrum in the medical and surgical centers of Kiev and other regions of Ukraine. Patients with breast cancer undergo all types of existing reconstructive surgical interventions using autogenous tissues (musculocutaneous flaps, dorsal and TRAM-patches), corrective surgical interventions, organ-saving operations and replacement of all or part of the mammary gland with endo-dentures of domestic or foreign manufacture.

In case of liver tumors, both primary and metastatic surgical methods are used in the department, in particular hernihepatectomy and segmentectomy, as well as methods of radiofrequency ablation of neoplasms. Treatment is carried out in a complex with the use of cytostatics in accordance with modern treatment regimens of neoformations.

Surgical treatment of neoplasms in the retroperitoneum is a stand-alone activity in the department. Treatment of tumors of this localization is characterized by a considerable complexity of surgical technique and requires the involvement of specialists from related specialties. The department has considerable expertise in this field and, in particular, together with the vascular surgeons, we carry out complex combined surgeries with resection of the affected parts of the vessels with the use of vascular prosthesis.


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