The Department of Palliative careThe Department of Palliative careThe Department of Palliative care of Kyiv City Clinical Oncology Center was established in accordance with the order of the State University No 147 of April 13, 2001.

At the beginning of its activities, the department consisted of a hospital with 10 beds. In January 2008 a separate building of the department of palliative care of KCCOC was opened, which made it possible to increase the hospital capacity to 25 beds.

The preterminal and terminal phase of the oncological disease course lasts about 4-8 months. During this period, the patient needs qualified medical and psychological care which is now provided by the family members and outpatient district services. When the patient is at home adult family members are excluded from active social activity, and children experience significant psychological trauma.

The main tasks of palliative care are getting rid of pain, eliminating or reducing life disorders and other severe manifestations of the disease, care, psychological, social and spiritual help to the patient and his family. The Department of Palliative care provides palliative care, qualified care and medical and psychological assistance to incurable oncological patients in Kiev.

The Department of Palliative care of KCCOC has two structural and functional units – inpatient and patronage service. In the hospital symptomatic treatment and palliative care are provided, an individual scheme of analgesic therapy is selected, and qualified care is provided. 4768 incurable oncological patients received help in the department of palliative care during its lifetime.

Patronage service is an integral part of the department of palliative care of KCCOC. The main task of the patronage service is to detect oncological patients of IV clinical group in the Svyatoshinsky district in Kiev and counsel them at home.

Conditions of stay of the patient in the hospital are close to home and are designed for a favorable psychological atmosphere. Psychological and spiritual support is provided to patients and their family members. On the territory of the department there is a Ukrainian canonical Orthodox church-the Church of St. Barbara the Great Martyr.

The non-disruptive functioning of the patient service and the hospital allows constant monitoring of the condition of the oncological patient of IV clinical group, adjust the treatment and, if necessary, carry out hospitalization in the hospital.

Oleksiy Volodymyrovych Kalachov is head of the Department of Palliative care of KCCOC. At the moment, the department employs a resident physician, a psychologist, 17 middle nurses and 24 assistant nurses.


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