Ogorodnikova Nina Petrivna - Head of the Day-Patient Department for cancer-stricken patients, the superior category cancer surgeonOgorodnikova Nina Petrivna - Head of the Day-Patient Department for cancer-stricken patients, the superior category cancer surgeonThe progress of chemotherapy of malignant neoplasms made it possible to obtain a therapeutic effect in case of many forms of tumors (breast cancer, gastrointestinal tract, systemic processes, etc.). A significant number of patients need repeated, often multiple cycles of drug administration.

Long-term experience of our medical institution has shown that under certain conditions and proper organization, outpatient chemotherapy of malignant tumors is no less effective, and no more dangerous than in in-patient clinic.

The department of day-time in-patient clinic has been functioning since 1990 as a structural unit of Kyiv City Clinical Oncology Center. The department was designed for 30 beds at first, but over 50 years the contingent of patients with malignant neoplasms increased more than 30 times in Kiev, so the department expanded several times. Now the department totals 135 beds, more than 30% of oncological patients of KCCOC are treated in day-time in-patient clinic and this amounts to about 5000 polychemotherapy courses per year.

The department works in two directions: performing small surgical interventions on the skin and soft tissues (sectoral resections of the breast, biopsy of lymph nodes, excision of linden, fibrosis, etc.) and conducting drug therapy of malignant tumors.

For this purpose, surgeons-oncologists and oncologists-chemotherapists (5 doctors, including the head) work in the department. Since 1990 to the present time the department has been headed by Nina Petrivna Ogorodnykova. The employees of the department take part in clinical trials, are also members of ESMO, attend various conferences that are held in CIS countries and abroad.

The results of the anonymous survey show that 80–90% of respondents prefer treatment in day-time in-patient clinics, where they can receive appropriate treatment within a few hours and then return home to the usual and comfortable conditions of life. This reduces the risk of psychoemotional stress, which also affects the final result of treatment.

A strong point of the department is an economic handling of the activities, rational use of bed capacity, and a smaller number of medical personnel involved in servicing patients. That is, the use of inpatientreplacement types of medical care is a priority in the development of medical care and is one of the main areas of resource saving in the area of healthcare.


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